New! Alive CBD / Full Spectrum 1000mg

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The reason we use a rosin press to extract the oils from the hemp buds is to keep it in its organic state holding all the terpenes intact, preserving opposed bastardizing the oil.  The cannabinoids are coming out CBDA, CBGA, and THCA which is their natural state.  Your body will decarb the cannabinoids naturally on its own.

Thus, giving the body CBD in its most natural form and makes for a more beneficial product.  This is a Full Spectrum crude oil without all the unwanted material that comes with it.  No winterization, no decarbing this is pure and natural and organic.  Enjoy!

Ingredients: Cold Pressed Organic Hemp, MCT Oil, and Mojito Mint Flavor.  One Dropper = 20mg, 50 Servings

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