AON Pet Blend 100mg

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CBD for Dogs &and Cats.  Now your pets can get the same benefits that you do!

Loaded with Terpenes and CBD for pain and inflammation.  Made with Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon, rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids and 100mg of CBD.  High-Quality ingredients for your pet, Great taste pets love!

Refrigerate After Opening / Shake Well

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Weight 2.5 oz

3 reviews for AON Pet Blend 100mg

  1. Karen (verified owner)

    Gave this to my 17.5 yr old dog. OMG! What has happened to her is nothing less then a miracle. She was sleeping all the time and not getting around very well. Now she is almost running and awake 70% of the time instead of 10% of the time I know no one is going to believe this but her eyes are clearing up and she can see better, she has stopped running into things! Yesterday she hopped up the two steps from the patio to our house! She has not done that in two years! I don’t know if it will increase her life span but I do know it is making her life so much more enjoyable!

  2. Sharyn Blum

    This has been a game changer for my arthritic 16 year old cat. Keeps him mobile and, even though he’s been anxious his whole life, he is no longer so skittish. So grateful. He plays. He jumps. He seems 5 years younger, and it’s adding not only to his quality of life but also mine. I’m no longer so scared when watching him try to hop off the sofa.

  3. Kristie

    I absolutely love the pet blend. My pup Dexter has suffered seziures for years. Horrible, and they could last up to 15 minutes. As soon as I see him starting up, I give him a dropperful and the cease in 15 seconds or less. Amazing. The vet said he would only give him something if he had them every day. My other dogs benefit frombthe pet blend when it comes to anxiety. With 4 dogs we could not live with out this product. Thank You!

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