AON CBD Suppositories- 2 Pack


Our potent CBD suppositories are 100mg and include a broad spectrum of cannabinoids including CBD/CBDA, CBN, and CBG. Most CBD suppositories are 20-30mg. Our suppositories are designed to work fast and provide long-lasting relief.


Ingredients: Broad Spectrum Concentrated Hemp Oil and Cocoa Butter

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AON 100mg CBD Suppositories are extremely strong and can offer you immense relief with a whopping 100mg of CBD per!

What are AON 100mg CBD Suppositories Used For? Suppositories are one of the fastest ways to get much-needed relief into the human body, and CBD is no exception!  If you ask us, we say that fast-acting, effective relief can’t come in too many forms. If you’ve tried other methods and still aren’t getting a good dose of your CBD, give our suppositories a try. You may be surprised by how great you feel and how quickly!


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