AON 10mg(20 capsules. 200mg) Sweet Relief Capsules with Turmeric and Frankincense

AON Mother Nature


Pain Relief Capsules w/ 10mg of CBD, Turmeric & Frankincense
Combining 4 key ingredients:

• CBD & Hemp Cannabinoids - Full Spectrum w/ Naturally occurring CBD, CBC & CBG - 100% Water Soluble.
• Turmeric - 100% Water Soluble and Full Spectrum for easy absorption maximum benefits.
• Frankincense Powder - 100% Water Soluble Full Spectrum Frankincense Extract.
• Potent Terpenes - Anti-Inflammatory Terpenes such as Beta-Caryophyllene, Humulene, etc - 100% Water Soluble.
Full Spectrum CBD, Turmeric & Frankincense Capsules - 100% Bioavailable - 0% THC
Our CBD Powder is 100% Bioavailable and has 0% THC (NO Trace Amounts)
Our Full Spectrum CBD powder is 100% water soluble, which makes it 100% bioavailable.
It is also 100% Full Spectrum CBD, meaning the natural medicinal terpenes and minor Cannabinoids CBG, CBC etc are also included for the full "Entourage Effect”.

CBD tinctures (CBD oil) only has about a 10% absorption rate, making our powder more economical for faster CBD delivery and MUCH higher absorption.

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